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I Crown I Tower Air Conditioner: Hot & Cool

I Crown I Tower Air Conditioner: Hot & Cool

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Unique and Graceful Design
Two-stage inverter compressor, with powerful performance under -30℃~54℃+

Strong heating under low temperature in winter and strong cooling under high temperature in summer. Without additional power consumption, cooling capacity and heating capacity is greatly improved. Air outlet temperature can reach 52℃ under -20℃ and 12℃ under 50℃.

Wide-area swing mode for larger air supply

Front panel automatically will be opened upon startup. Air outlet swings left and right to realize reciprocating wide-area air swing. No matter which place you are in the air conditioning room, you can feel the balanced air flow

Super-long air outlet for sufficient air supply

110cm super-long vertical air outlet, better suited to human body’s desire of wide air supply. With large circulating air volume, room temperature is adjusted in time, making the environment more comfortable.

Heating from top to bottom

In heating, warm air spreads across the ground. With intelligent rotational big-angle air supply, warm air quickly fills up the room.

Drying at constant temperature

I-Crown can realize warm drying through low-frequency control technology,

I-Crown not only adjusts room temperature but air quality as well. Equipped with IFD strong dedusting module, it can effectively remove PM2.5, providing you with healthy and comfortable environment.

Rotor running speed is adjusted automatically according to ambient temperature so that the indoor operation noise can be lowered to 26dB(A). *26dB(A) is the sound value of 18000BTU I-Crown running in quiet mode.
E-joy button with 5 comfortable modes

After you press E-joy button, you can enjoy 5 modes, namely “Cold”, “Cool”, “Cozy”, “Warm” and “Heat”. Indoor temperature, humidity and air flow pattern will be adjusted automatically to provide you with comfortable experience.

Finger-proof design

Vertical air outlet with finger-proof grill can prevent children from jamming their hands.

More Functions


The standard installation charges are Rs.1999 + Taxes and need to be paid directly to the service engineer.

Standard installation of air-conditioners covers only:

  • Drilling of holes into a brick wall for taking out the pipes
  • Fixing a hole sleeve & cap
  • Fixing the indoor and outdoor unit
  • Connecting indoor and outdoor units using the standard Kit provided by the manufacturer (at additional cost unless specified otherwise).
  • Wrapping the pipe with seasoning tape

Not covered as part of standard Installation charges are:

  • Outdoor unit stand
  • Setting up an existing outdoor unit stand
  • Extra copper wire
  • Drain pipe extension if any
  • Wiring extension from the meter to the installation site
  • Stabilizer if needed is chargeable
  • Plumbing and masonry work
  • Power-point/MCB fitting and any other electrical work.
  • Carpentry work
  • Dismantling/shifting of the old AC’s masonry
  • Core cutting fabrication and electrical.
  • Nitrogen Testing (mandatory if piping already done)

Brand may not honor warranty if installation/demo is not carried by Brand authorized partner.
If any extra material used from customer end for installation then labor charges will be charged to customer apart from standard installation charges.

Additional information


Power Supply

220-240-50-1 (V-Hz-Ph)


Cooling Capacity (W)


Air Flow Volume (m3/h)